Don’t be SHY it’s Holi: Celebrate this festive with colours and delicious cuisine

Holi, Festival of colours is celebrated with exuberant, zeal and enthusiasm. People light a bonfire in the evening and perform ritual Pooja with prayers. This day is also known as “Holika Dahan”. The following day people play with Gulal (Abeer) and vivid colours, water balloons, water gun also known as pichkari. Be it children or grown-up everyone is drenched and swamped with the festival of colours.

Over the years, this festival has gained popularity in other parts of Asian countries as well.

Holi festival comes with lots of fun and many mouth-watering delicacies.

Gujiyas are one of the famous sweets which you get in the northern part of India. It is made from all-purpose flour/maida and khoya. Chocolate gujiyas, dry fruit gujiyas, coconut gujiyas, suji mawa gujiyas are few of the delicious gujiyas people love to have.

Jalebis is one of the sweet desserts also popularly known as Imarti or Jangiri. It is made of maida, which is fried and then immerse in sugar syrup.

Rabri yet …

Birthday Party Catering is a Lot of Fun!!

Birthday parties are one day function and make a very pleasant change in the daily routine of people whether they are hosting it or participate as guests. This event is normally arranged according to the budget of the family.

Birthday parties are mostly of kids but grown-up people also celebrate it either for fun or for a reason to sit together. Catering services birthdays of different age groups vary for many obvious reasons…the taste of both the age levels.
Catering For Kids birthday party
Kids love to eat food that is according to their taste and choice. For kids, food is the main thing, which keeps them engaged for a longer time. Food for a kid’s event should be simple and hassle-free. Also, one thing must be kept in mind that the food you are catering to children will not make them dirty, or you will have to face a difficult situation.
As you are cooking or hiring a caterer for little ones, the most essential thing is that it should be healthy food, the most of it. If…

A Guide to Booking Your Rehearsal Dinner Venue

Wedding planning takes time, patience, and understanding, and you may need to make a few allowances here and there in order to satisfy everyone’s wishes. One area you should focus on is your rehearsal dinner venue. You’ll need to plan every element of this event, from the location to the catering company, with great care. Here’s what you should know.
1. Determine the Ambiance
What sort of mood do you want your rehearsal dinner to convey? Do you want a formal or relaxed dress code? Research reception venues and restaurants to determine which locations meet your needs. You’ll also need to connect with the venue’s manager to make sure they can accommodate your party.
2. Prepare Your Guest List
If you prefer an informal gathering with only your closest friends and family, you can narrow your selection of venues down to intimate locations. If you have many invitees, however, you’ll need to seek out a more spacious venue that can safely hold all of them.
3. Plan the Special Details
The fun comes …

Professional Indian Caterers - What to expect from??

A wedding is a special and mostly once in a life time occurrence that is the height of love between partners. Having a memorable experience and organizing one are two different things because planning takes both time and effort.

From finding a priest to sourcing great Indian venues for Indian cuisine, aligning your wedding style with your religious or cultural preferences can be overwhelming. The wedding is once-in-a-lifetime event, so adding a dash of personality and happy surprises to your special day will help make it a day to remember. Well, for many young couples wishing to get the taste of India on their big day Indian wedding caterers in London is the way to go. They work to ensure a memorable encounter because a wedding is a treasured and so it should be given the best services.

What services do you get from Indian wedding caterers?

The Indian way of life and culture sets the basis of catering services. With immeasurable hospitality, everything is about making you happy on the…

Fine Indian Wedding Catering in London!!

Even in western countries, people from the East do not forget their traditions and style so they keep trying to make their own impression on a celebration of events. The way people of subcontinent adopt to carry out different actions is called ‘Desi’ so their weddings are also known as ‘Desi Weddings’.
And the manner of Indian wedding catering is also dissimilar to the usual way of course observed in countries like the United Kingdom. As it is now a demographic reality that a large population from this part of the world has got settled there so to meet their aspirations the companies of this service must have good knowledge and capability to work up to the mark.
Indian Wedding Catering
A number of dishes and their cuisines also require complimenting porcelain and this also demands special effort to meet the challenge. There is a good number of Asian catering service providers that offer this service and noticeably owners of these have the same origin so they can execute it very smartly.


Spice Up Your Next Summer Party With Salad And Drinks!!

Summer is finally here! The season just creates such a feel-good vibe that spills over into a relaxed party mood. People just feel like celebrating and enjoying the moment. Whatever your occasion, you can be sure that summer party catering will be right at the center of your plans. At this point, your imagination may already be running wild with ideas for your summer party.

In case you need some inspiration here are some ideas for catering for your summer party event Nothing can be better than a fresh salad on a hot summer day! The added advantage of having a salad is that they will not be adding extra calories that you detest or at least crave to reduce. Many of us try to cut down on calories and end up every week, with a new one because we have left it somewhere in the middle. The primary culprit behind this is that mid-time snack we splurge on and enjoy, to feel guilty later on. Even though we know it is not good to have that extra bowl of cheesy fries, we just indulge, because no…

Indian Wedding Food